The Automotive Industry’s Stance on Animal Testing

“Ford’s practice is not to use or fund animals for testing nor to ask others to do that for us.”

—Ford Motor Company, Integrated Sustainability and Financial Report 2023

“GM does not conduct or commission the use of animals in tests for research purposes or in the development of our vehicles, either directly or indirectly and GM does not fund such tests.”

—General Motors

“Stellantis does not engage in any research using animals.”


“Rivian is opposed to any mistreatment or abuse of animals and does not conduct, fund, or to our knowledge commission animal testing unless explicitly required by law.”


“Simpson Design and Development does not fund, conduct or commission any animal tests.”

—Simpson Design and Development

“We are … very surprised to learn … that … live animal tests are still taking place by others, as the digital test models in modern automotive environments provide very high probability correlations vs. the ‘real world.’ We have no interest in testing with live animals. This seems incredibly backwards in 2023.”

—DeLorean Motor Company Inc.

“Jaguar Land Rover does not tolerate the mistreatment or abuse of animals and favours the use of non-animal methods of testing whenever possible. Testing on animals must be avoided unless there is a specific legal requirement to which Jaguar Land Rover must adhere.”

—Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC

“Volkswagen emphatically rejects tests on animals. Animal testing in matters relating to transport and mobility is unnecessary and unacceptable unless required by law.”

—Volkswagen Group

“[U]sing animals for such practices [is] already prohibited by most of our member companies worldwide. Our member companies have invested in tools like test-dummies to make sure safety is ensured without harming animals. We support you in your quest to prohibit use of any animals, and we encourage countries to remove all legal regulations or obligations that mandate use of animals. … [W]e are investigating how we can ensure not only our ACEA members, but also all companies in the auto industry are supporting your cause.”

—European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA)

“[N]one of the 14 OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] members of the Automotive Manufacturers Association of Turkey (OSD) fund, conduct, commission, or support animal testing unless explicitly required by law. Further, our members advocate that animals should not be used for any motor vehicle research and development, automobile crash tests, or studies into the safety and mechanisms of motor vehicle–related operations and interventions. We encourage the use of non-animal alternative testing methods whenever and wherever possible.”

—Automotive Manufacturers Association of Turkey (OSD)

“[T]he Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association has not funded or conducted animal testing and we and our members maintain that policy.”

—Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association

“Frankly speaking I cannot imagine that these barbari[c] [animal testing] methods are being used anywhere around the world. Of course we stand with your initiative to stop this practice.”

—Czech Automotive Industry Association

“South African law completely prohibits the use of animals in all vehicle crash tests and experiments conducted within the Republic. … naamsa generally condemns any brutality against all animals and the use of animals for automotive crash tests. … We support your global condemnation for animal cruelty and brutality, and naamsa will not allow this to happen within our ranks.”

—National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA)

“The Ukrainian Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association does not support animal testing. We encourage the use of alternative methods. We are ready to adopt a public policy against funding, conducting, commissioning, and supporting animal testing.”

—Ukrainian Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association

“In response to your recent letter regarding live animal testing, I would like to note that neither of the organizations that combined to form the Alliance for Automotive Innovation (Auto Innovators) funded or conducted animal testing. As the new unified industry association that formed just over a year ago, Auto Innovators maintains that policy.”

—Alliance for Automotive Innovation

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