PETA Leads the Charge: Inside the Global Effort to Take Down Exotic Skins

PETA’s latest week of action is a multifaceted approach to ending the exotic-skins industry. See how folks are getting involved.

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PETA Rescued 12-Week-Old Finnegan From Under a Mobile Home—Now He Awaits Adoption

Meet Finnegan, a 12-week-old, fiery-orange kitten rescued from under a mobile home by PETA fieldworkers. Now he’s awaiting adoption!

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Thousands of Sheep Drown After Crowded Livestock Vessel Sinks in Sudan

This isn’t the first time thousands of animals have endured nightmarish deaths at sea—drowning in similar shipwrecks or dying en masse from dehydration or disease.

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Condemn NIH’s Appalling Decision to Bankroll WaNPRC’s Orgy of Violence

In a colossally tone-deaf move, the government has chosen to bankroll the Washington National Primate Research Center, despite mountains of evidence showing that it should be closed.

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Orangutan Champion Pak Bohap bin Jalan Leaves a Legacy of Advocacy

A lifelong defender of orangutans will be remembered for his warmth and generosity.

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Why Did the Kansas Cows Die? Catastrophic Heat, Farming, and Human Cruelty


Why did thousands of cows in Kansas die? PETA explains why there’s no need to dig for conspiracies when the greed and cruelty of the farming industry are at play.

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VIDEO: She Read About Beagles Trapped in Labs in 1994—Now She Helps Save Them

Since Daphna Nachminovitch read about the gripping rescues in “Free the Animals” nearly 30 years ago, she’s helped PETA save thousands of animals. Find out why the book is moving people like her to act.

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Envigo Beagle-Breeding Hellhole to Shut Down After Being Exposed by PETA

Months after PETA’s groundbreaking exposé, Envigo announced that its dog-breeding hellhole will shut down. But our work isn’t over yet…

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SeaQuest Fort Worth: Here’s Why You Should Avoid This Crummy Mall Aquarium at All Costs

SeaQuest Fort Worth is a crummy mall aquarium in Texas that has repeatedly put wild animals and the public in danger. Here’s what you can do about it.

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PETA Celebrates: Farmer John Slaughterhouse to Shut Down

The Farmer John slaughterhouse in Vernon, California, is finally closing, along with the fortress of lies it built around the premises depicting “happy” pigs.

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TeachKind Hosts ‘Meet the Author’ Events With Stewart Mitchell, Author of ‘Liberation Summer’

Author Stewart Mitchell visited five schools in New York to help kids learn about the importance of having empathy for animals.

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VIDEO: Fatal Tiger Mauling Is a Reminder to Skip Roadside Zoos

These cruel attractions put visitors and staff at risk—and the animals they exploit for profit are doomed to a life of abuse and neglect.

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Fear, Pain, and Death in a UMass Lab—This Is Anakin’s Story

Pain, fear, and deprivation were all that Anakin—a marmoset imprisoned in a UMass laboratory—ever knew. Take action for monkeys like him today.

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Update: Superglued Buddhist Monk, Other PETA Supporter Arrested at Chicago Starbucks

Starbucks hasn’t stopped charging extra for its vegan milks, so PETA will keep shouting our message until it sticks—literally.

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Ready, Set, BID: Check Out the Innovative Items Available in PETA’s Virtual Auction

If you’ve been looking for a good reason to do some shopping, PETA’s virtual auction is the perfect excuse—and it supports our Science, Technology, and Innovation Fund.

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VIDEOS: Live Dogs Cut Apart in Gory Veterinary Training Prompts PETA Push

After learning about the grisly procedures veterinary students in Pakistan are forcing dogs to endure, PETA penned urgent letters calling on officials to end these practices.

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