HoodLamb and PETA Join Forces for World Vegan Day

Vegan Outerwear Retailer Celebrates U.S. Launch—and Gives Canada Goose a Run for Its Money

For Immediate Release:
November 1, 2017

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Venice, Calif.

Just in time for the fall/winter 2017 season, Amsterdam-based HoodLamb by Hemp Tailors, has brought its popular hemp-based outerwear to the U.S.—and in honor of World Vegan Day today, the company is donating a percentage of all sales November 1 through November 8 to support PETA’s work to stop animals from being tortured and killed for fashion. Several social media influencers will also join the effort—and celebrate World Vegan Day the feather- and fur-free way—by posting stunning photos of themselves in HoodLamb’s coats, which can be viewed on PETA’s blog.

HoodLamb’s light and sturdy jackets feature conscious design materials such as Hempulose, a weather-resistant coating that’s derived from the natural cellulose of the hemp stalk. Select styles also incorporate Thermore Ecodown® insulation, a feather-free down that keeps wearers warm even in the most frigid temperatures. With its faux-fur lining made from recycled plastic bottles, HoodLamb offers a cruelty-free choice for the numerous consumers who are ethically opposed to Canada Goose’s feather-and-coyote-fur jackets.

“HoodLamb’s mission is to prove that there’s a better way than killing animals and polluting the planet for jackets and coats,” says HoodLamb’s creative director, Aisha Thompson. “We’re proud to work with PETA to hold the outerwear industry to a higher standard.”

“While companies like Canada Goose are stuffing their jackets with abused birds’ feathers, companies like HoodLamb are leading the vegan fashion revolution with superior, innovative fabrics,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA encourages compassionate shoppers to wear their values on their sleeves by choosing retailers whose products are kind to animals and the environment.”

PETA—whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to wear”—notes that birds used in down production often spend their entire lives in crowded, filthy conditions and are denied water to swim and bathe in, the opportunity to forage for food, and, sometimes, even enough room to turn around. A 2016 PETA exposé revealed that the birds’ feathers are often ripped out as the animals struggle and scream, leaving gaping, bloody wounds. Coyotes and other animals trapped in the wild for their fur often suffer for days in steel-jaw traps that slam down on their legs, frequently cutting to the bone. The animals die from blood loss, shock, dehydration, gangrene, or attacks by predators. Mother foxes, in particular, have been known to chew off their own legs in order to escape and return to their young.

For more information, please visit PETA.org or HoodLamb.com.

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