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It may be our most strategic secret weapon—right after those mouthwatering Instagram posts that let all the foodies know that #vegan is your one-stop shop for delicious. That’s right, I’m talking about the all-powerful vegan screen tee! Throw on one of these babies, along with your best smile, and head out into the world with the confidence that all those raised eyebrows are really just newly planted seeds of compassion waiting to bloom.

Also, it’s summer, and we need cute shirts to wear. Below are some our current faves—get yours while the weather’s still nice, and go out and raise some eyebrows!

1. Vegetaryn’s “Feline Fine” Unisex Tee

We’re always feline fine in this tee because 10% of the proceeds from sales of this shirt go to PETA.

2. PETA’s “Meat is Murder” unisex T-shirt

We can’t talk about vegan screen tees without linking you up with our own!

3. This PETA x In the Soulshine crop top collaboration couldn’t be cuter.

When you consider that animal skins are loaded with toxic chemicals like arsenic and formaldehyde to keep them from decomposing, it’s clear that wearing vegan is the more sustainable, compassionate way to get dressed.

4. Vegan Supply Co.’s “Be the Change” Tank Top

One look at this model and we’re jumping out of our seats with motivation to “be the change.” We think you’ll agree.

5. L3f0u’s “Campbell’s Vegan Soup”

With this shirt, you can not-so-subtly advertise what Campbell’s next product should be.

6. BEETxBEET’s “In Plants We Trust”

Plants contain all the nutrients that we need, from calcium to protein and from iron to fiber, not to mention that eating them doesn’t require harming another sentient animal. “Trust” might be an understatement.

7. In the Soulshine’s unisex “Eat Veggies, Not Animals” Tee

These beautiful tees aren’t just made with love for animals—they’re ethical for humans, too, as they’re produced in a fair-trade facility in Bali. We’ll raise our veggies to that.

8. Elisabetta Franchi’s “Circus Is Not Fun For Animals” Tee

We couldn’t agree more. Check out our top 10 reasons to not attend the circus.

9. The Dharma Store’s “Eat Beets Not Meats” Tee

This one has us craving hearty root vegetables. We like them prepared raw, pickled, or in a burger. And when we’re at the grocery store, we like to sing, “We’ve got the beet, we’ve got the beet, we’ve got the beet. Yeah! We got it!”

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