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The innovative and conscientious online sportswear marketplace Sheeps is changing the tennis gear game. Unlike the synthetic vegan options found at, some of the most popular tennis ball brands today still use cruelly obtained wool. After learning about the way sheep suffer for wool, Sheeps founder Danny Rosenthal (a 26-year vegan, woo!) decided to make shopping for animal-friendly tennis gear a whole lot easier. Sheeps’ Instagram page and website are not only #AestheticGoals but also helping to raise awareness of cruelty to animals inside the wool and sports gear industries.

You’ll love-all this vegan tennis gear from Sheeps:

Wool-Free Tennis Balls

You can nail your serve and be assured that none of the tennis balls on Sheeps’ website are the product of torture.

Farm sheep are bred and commodified to suit the purposes of the wool industry and their lives are too often marked by suffering and, nearly invariably, they are put to slaughter when they no longer produce marketable wool.

Leather-Free Tennis Sneakers

Cows are slaughtered for their skin, but these high-performance, leather-free sneakers are proof that there’s no need for any clothing to be the product of murder.

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We are passionate tennis players and longtime committed vegans.

Gut-Free Tennis Strings

You read that correctly—some tennis strings are made using membranes found in sheep and cow intestines (even though they’re often referred to as “catgut”) but not those found at Sheeps.

Electing to avoid animal cruelty need not mean sacrificing quality.

While some popular sporting equipment is still made using material derived from animals, Sheeps is changing the game and removing cruelty to animals from the equation, one tennis ball at a time.

Want to do more?

Be an ace for animals. You can help stop the abuse of sheep on wool farms by saying no to wool.

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