We love animals, and we love food. We also love purses. So we’re in full support of the trend that combines vegan purses with food and animal images. Whether you’re going back to school or want to make your coworkers jealous, here are 12 vegan novelty bags—for ANY budget—that you must have to make a statement any time of the year!

This is the bag that every animal rights activist needs:

It’s made out of paper—groundbreaking!—and it comes in two floral prints for spring.

Vegan news is always relevant:

Being vegan means being in tune with what’s necessary!

This doughnut bag looks good enough to eat:



And yes, like the best doughnuts, it’s vegan.

This raccoon bag is too adorbs:


Look at that face. That face is cute. You should carry around a bag with a picture of that cute face. It’s logic.

Every true cat lady (or cat dude!) must have this:


Meeeeewow. Get it here.

This bag TRULY makes a statement:


Wear this and boycott SeaWorld. Duh.

This glorious, glorious tofu bag is a must-have:


Tofu scramble, tofu tacos, tofu purse. Check, check, and check.

This elephant backpack that is 100 percent OK to carry around as an adult:


(Every time you wear this, remember to urge circuses to retire elephants and all animals from shows NOW if you want to level up as a vegan. Just sayin’.)

This PB&J bag is obviously essential:


The PETA-approved vegan company Cykochik is now featuring one of our snack-time faves. No, the bag isn’t edible, but it is ridiculously cute.

This French fry bag is the cutest:





I love this bag almost as much as I love delicious, hot French fries in my mouth. Swoon.

Wear your big compassionate heart on your sleeve, er, bag:

heart purse

This heart has wings—just like your heart! Eeeee!

Your friends will dole out the compliments when they see your new pineapple-themed bag from PETA Business Friend De-Vesi.


Get one now to add a tropical touch to any summer outing.

This tote totes gets it:


Preach on, you excellent bag, you.

And this one sums it all up:

998 (1)

The bag does not lie.

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Look great this fall with any of these bags, and encourage your friends to leave animals out of their outfits. Remember: Leather and animal-skin bags come at a horrendous cost to animals. So save money and lives by buying vegan accessories. You’re welcome.