Published by PETA.

In September 2015, H&M released a cruelty-free cosmetics line with more than 700 products. Now, the company has announced that it’s ditching all animal hair and going vegan with its makeup brushes. In a statement about this decision, H&M explained,

“We will phase out all animal hair used in our Beauty tools and brushes by 2017. There are so many high-quality, cruelty-free options available today so we have decided to take the step and phase out the animal deriving hair from our Beauty range.”

We’re happy to see so many companies ditch cruelly obtained animal hair in favor of super-soft synthetics. The new brushes will be available soon, but for now, you can shop for other lovely H&M cosmetics—just check the packaging to make sure that the products you’re buying are vegan.

These days, so many cosmetics companies are choosing not to test on animals. The best way to stop other companies from using animals is to refuse to purchase their products and to write and tell them why you won’t be using their eye shadow, detergent, or shampoo.

Wondering if a company is naughty or nice to animals? Type the company’s name into our cruelty-free database for fast answers!

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