Published by Ashley Palmer.

This article was written by former PETA intern Jared Misner.

Having grown up in Florida, I like to say we have one season there: hot.

Besides those few days in January when the temperature teases us into wearing sweaters, our beaches are all too inviting. We have our very own sugar-white sandbox dotted with palms, dolphin sightings, and a supply of nearly endless sunshine.

No, it’s never snowed in my hometown on Christmas. I’ve never ridden a toboggan down my street. And the thought of ice skating is laughable. But after living in the Sunshine State for more than 20 years, sunscreen and I have become close personal friends.

We know how to sunbathe in Florida better than most. Who else has pool parties in October? With summer in full swing now, let a true Floridian give you the lowdown on how to save animals while saving your skin with these sunscreens that are not tested on animals.

Alba: I really like green tea. And I really like tans. So, naturally, Alba’s cruelty-free green-tea sunscreen tops my list. Combining aloe vera with green-tea antioxidants and SPF 45, this sunscreen packs a serious party for your skin.

Nature’s Gate: I call this the ultimate feel-good suntan brand. Not only does Nature’s Gate offer an entire line of cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics, the company also partners with WaterAid in an ongoing effort to provide clean water to developing nations. Soak up the sun with this brand and know that your dollars are well spent.

These are just two of my favorite brands for summer sun-kissed fun. Here’s a list of some other cruelty-free sunscreens. Enjoy that summer living:

Did I mention your favorite brand of cruelty-free sunscreen? Add to the list in the comment section!

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