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All right, all you Halloweenies, it’s about to get real corny up in here … candy corny! Whip out your cruelty-free nail polish STAT, and get ready to rock some super-duper fun and yummy-looking candy-corn nails!

What You’ll Need

Orange nail polish
Yellow nail polish
White nail polish
Clear top coat

  • Start with clean, dry nails. Feel free to kick things off with a clear base coat (optional).
  • Paint your nails with two coats of orange nail polish and then let them dry fully.
  • Cut tape into strips that’ll cover one-third of your nail.
  • Place strips of tape horizontally over the center of each nail and then press down firmly to secure.
  • Paint the lower third of your nails with two coats of white nail polish. (Note: There’s no need to stay within the lines. As you can see from my pic, this step looks crazy-messy, but everything will look beautiful once you remove the tape later.)
  • Paint the upper third of your nails with two coats of yellow nail polish.
  • Once your nails are fully dry, peel off the tape from each nail. Finish the look by applying a clear top coat, which will make everything look smooth and shiny (and will help your manicure last longer, too!).

Tada! Easy-peasy, right? Enjoy your sweet-and-sassy Halloween nails!

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