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These Hair Products From Target Are All Cruelty-Free and Vegan

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It may seem impossible to leave stores like Target without grabbing a few of the cruelty-free and vegan beauty products, now that more and more companies are ditching deadly product testing on animals. We get it—it’s happened to us all. The toilet paper runs out, so you make a mental note that it’s time for a Target run. We all make that first list of necessities: toilet paper, hand soap, toothpaste, and maybe one fun thing—and that’s it. Yet five reusable bags later, you now own the entire store, including—but not limited to—the newest oat milk, all the cruelty-free hair products, and that mug you couldn’t just leave on the shelf because it brought you joy. We understand that a detour down the store’s hair product aisle is inevitable since it’s right next to the toilet paper. So here’s a list to help make sure that your shampoo, conditioner, and detangler purchases haven’t been tested on mice, rats, or other animals and are vegan, of course!

1. Ethique Eco-Friendly Frizz Wrangler Shampoo Bar for Normal–Dry Hair

By purchasing shampoo and conditioner bars from cruelty-free and sustainable beauty brand Ethique, you help prevent any harm to animals and the environment. The New Zealand–based brand packages all its products in compostable paper boxes. By doing so, it prevents more plastic from ending up in the ocean. As if that weren’t terrific enough, Ethique uses only vegan ingredients.

2. Herbal Essences Set Me Up Beautiful Bold Hold Hairspray

A vegan hairspray that smells as good as it works and isn’t tested on animals? We’ll take 10!

Herbal Essence hairspray product photo

3. Pacifica Salty Waves Beach Hair Balm

Feel like a mermaid all year long with this texturizing balm. No ocean animal–derived biotin required.

4. Pureology Serious Colour Care Strength Cure Shampoo

Color-protecting shampoo means fewer trips to the salon and more money to spend on vegan cupcakes.

5. Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Hair Spray Powered by Air

This weightless vegan hairspray won’t make you look like an ’80s yearbook picture, unless you’re into that—in which case, you may need a few bottles.

6. Raw Sugar The Truly Unruly Shampoo

Apple cider vinegar makes frizzy hair more manageable, which means less time trying to wrangle your mane before work and more time sleeping.

7. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

This handy serum speeds up drying time, reduces frizz, and is completely free of animal-derived ingredients—so basically, it’s the best thing since vegan sliced bread.

8. Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic Curl Stimulator

You can rest assured knowing that this product was never tested on rabbits and will keep your curls tight.

9. BRÖÖ Craft Beer Strength + Shine Moisturizing Shampoo

With this shampoo, you’ll get all the benefits that beer has to offer your locks, without smelling like a college party.

10. Acure Curiously Clarifying Lemongrass & Argan Shampoo

The last thing that your shampoo should be is harsh, which is why this one leaves hair cleansed but not stripped.

Acure Curiously Clarifying Lemongrass & Argan Shampoo

11. Earth Science Ceramide Care Volumizing Conditioner

Take Monday by storm with this body-boosting conditioner.

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