Published by Melinda McKee.

Much to the delight of vegans everywhere, the list of chain restaurants with vegan options keeps growing and growing. Wendy’s, the third-largest fast-food burger chain, is currently testing a vegan black-bean burger in select locations.

Wendy's Vegan Black Bean Burger

Wendys Black Bean Burger and Fries

The test recently expanded to three cities: Columbus, OH, Columbia, SC, and Salt Lake City, UT. We’ve confirmed with Wendy’s that both the patty and the bun are vegan (so be sure to order it without cheese or sauce), and it’s even cooked in a separate oven.

Wendy's Black Bean BurgerWendy's

If you’re in one of these three locations, test out the burger and let Wendy’s know what you think. We’re hoping the test will be successful and that the black-bean burger will be offered on Wendy’s menus nationwide. And perhaps the chain will even add a vegan sauce, which White Castle did after its test of a popular veggie burger slider. Vegan ranch, anyone?

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