Published by PETA.

A new nondairy milk just came onto the scene, and you’ll never guess what it’s made from: vegetables!

Yes, that’s right. Veggemo milk is made from a base of peas, tapioca, and potatoes.

Veggemo’s ingredients cover all the bases, including great taste and nutrition. Peas provide protein, tapioca from cassava root creates the creamy texture, and potatoes make it thick and smooth. It’s also packed with calcium and vitamins D and B12.

Companies such as Beyond Meat are discovering the benefits of pea protein, which is naturally free of gluten and allergens. With a laundry list of nutritious, plant-based proteins such as quinoa, nuts, beans, chickpeas, tempeh, tofu, leafy greens, hemp, and seeds, there’s simply no need for using animals for food.

Veggemo is currently available in Canada and will be introduced to the U.S. market in March.

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