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If you’ve never heard of the craze for smoothie bowls, these treats are simply a blend of frozen fruit and vegan milk, such as almond or soy milk, poured into a bowl and topped with your favorite vegan toppings. They may be a bit heartier than smoothies in a glass, and let’s face it, they look prettier.

Smoothie bowl with bananas

Here is some inspiration for making your own fruity creations:

1. The Health Nut

If you’re anti-antioxidant, please skip to number 2.

acai smoothie bowl topped with berries, seeds, and nuts

2. Kiwi Orange Creamsicle Bowl

Because kiwis get left out all too often.

orange mango smoothie bowl topped with strawberries and kiwi

3. Chocolate Raspberry Swirl

Chocolate lovers unite!

chocolate smoothie bowl with chocolate drizzle and raspberries

4. Strawberry Apple Pie

Let out your creative side and reinvent your favorite desserts.

strawberry smoothie bowl topped with sliced apples, seeds, and apple pie lara bar

5. Chocolate Covered Blueberry Bowl

For those trying to find any excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast.

blueberry smoothie bowl with pecans and chocolate

6. Almond Butter Berry Bowl

How to sneak in your daily dose of flaxseed.

strawberry smoothie bowl topped with sliced banana and strawberries

7. Choco-Blueberry Banana

When you start your morning with fresh blueberries, you know it’s going to be a good day.

blueberry smoothie bowl topped with bananas and blueberries

8. A Sweet Date

Treat yourself to a date (or three).

strawberry smoothie bowl topped with blueberries, banana, seeds, dates

9. The Berry Chocolaty Coconut

Feel healthy, happy, and classy.

blueberry smoothie bowl topped with coconut, seeds, chocolate lara bar

10. Berry Cherry Swirled Smoothie … Cup?

Wait … isn’t a smoothie cup just a smoothie? If you’re asking this, you’re thinking too hard and probably need to make one of these smoothie bowls right now to clear your mind.

berry cherry smoothie cup with chia seed pudding

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