Published by Katherine Sullivan.

Are you traveling to Istanbul and curious about where you can get animal-friendly traditional Turkish cuisine? Don’t worry—here’s a guide to vegan eating in the city:

Mahatma Cafe

Order anything at Mahatma Cafe—the menu is 100 percent vegan and brimming with local ingredients. We’re talking falafel, stuffed grape leaves, lentils, zatar, börek, and more.

Vegan İstanbul

Whether it’s a vegan market or restaurant you’re after, Vegan İstanbul has what you need. The café and market offers 100 percent vegan items, and many feature Turkish ingredients.


Check out Zencefil for traditional Turkish fare. The restaurant has many vegan-friendly options, like stuffed dried eggplant, smoked bulger with veggies, okra with chickpeas, and vegan tarts for dessert.

Vegan Dükkan

If your accommodations include a kitchen, you’ll likely want to do a little shopping. Thankfully, there’s Vegan Dükkan—one of Turkey’s first vegan grocery stores. Here, you’ll find breakfast foods, plant-based milks, snacks, tofu, other vegan protein options, and so much more. Happy shopping!


If you’re planning to do some home cooking, pick up a few brand items from Veggy, which offers one of Istanbul’s first meat substitutes—and they’re delish. Choose from meat-free tofu kebabs, meatballs, or schnitzel. Follow Veggy on Instagram for some yummy vegan recipe inspiration:

Bi Nevi Deli

Order in with Bi Nevi Deli, a plant-based kitchen that conveniently delivers. Choose from stir-fry meals, quinoa burgers, and the bowl of the day—it even serves Veggy products! (See above.) Click here to check out its daily menu.


If you’re looking for a great cup of coffee, check out Kronotrop. This specialty coffee shop offers both soy milk and cold-brew options. Whether you prefer hot or cold—it has your fix.

Falafel Zone

Get in the zone—Falafel Zone! Most of the menu options here are vegan, and there’s so much more to choose from than just falafel. The vegan muffins, burgers, soups, and hummus plates are all great options.

Vegan BellaVista Hostel

Need a great place to stay? Hungry for delicious vegan food? Vegan BellaVista Hostel does it all. Located in the heart of Taksim Square, it offers budget-friendly accommodations and features an on-site café that serves strictly vegan food.

Animals have personalities. They play, learn, and think, and they don’t deserve to be served for dinner—in Istanbul or anywhere else.

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