Published by Brittany Hultstrom.

Some cocktails use milk, cream, egg whites, and other animal products, so we’ve compiled the following list of vegan cocktails so that you can make some of your favorites at home.

Vegan Cocktails to Try:

Vegan White Russian

Simply replace the heavy cream in traditional White Russian recipes with coconut milk creamer and soy milk. Delish!

Or if you think you’re fancy like that …

Frozen Blended White Russian with Chocolate Sauce

Coffee, Kahlúa, coconut ice cubes, and chocolate drizzle? Say no more!

Better Than Baileys Irish Cream

Use coconut milk instead of heavy cream for delicious, dairy-free goodness.

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Vegan Pisco Sour

Aquafaba is a great substitute for raw egg whites to get that foam effect. Hold the salmonella, please!

Vegan Brandy Milk Punch

Make this, and your taste buds will love you.

Vegan (Not) Jell-O Shots

Traditional Jell-O shots contain gelatin, which is a protein procured by boiling animal skin, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, and/or bones in water. Umm … gross!

Still thirsty? There’s way more than vegan cocktails out there to drink.

Bottled Vegan Coffee Drinks

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