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We all know vegan candy bars are a delicious treat. Did you know, though, that Mars offers a vegan Galaxy bar? It’s a plant-based version of its extremely popular chocolate bar, but it’s sold only in the U.K.

While we wait for it to cross the pond and hit U.S. shelves, try these scrumptious, chocolatey vegan candy bars instead:

1. Similar to M&M’s: No Whey! Foods’ Choco No No’s

2. When you’re craving candy similar to Peanut M&M’s: Little Secrets’ Sea Salt Almond in Dark Chocolate Candies

3. These will remind you of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: No Whey! Foods’ Chocolate Pea”not” Butter Cups

4. Similar to Jelly Belly: YumEarth Naturals’ Sour Beans

5. This Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Bar copycat will satisfy: PETA’s Chocolate to the Rescue Bar

vegan candy bars in colorful packaging


Hats off to Go Max Go Foods for offering so much to the vegan chocolate and candy bar scene:

6. Take a trip to the Milky Way: Go Max Go’s Twilight Bar

7. More yummy than a Snickers: Go Max Go’s Jokerz Candy Bar

8. Three is not a crowd if you’re in the mood for 3 Musketeers: Go Max Go’s Buccaneer Candy Bar

9. If you liked Butterfinger when you were a kid: Go Max Go’s Thumbs Up Bar

10. When you crave an almond candy like Almond Joy: Go Max Go’s Mahalo

11. The choice betwixt this and Twix is clear: Go Max Go’s 2fer Candy Bar

12. If you like it crunchy like Nestlé Crunch: Go Max Go’s SNAP! Candy Bar

If you choose to eat vegan chocolate and candy, it’s best to do so sparingly and munch on the animal-free kinds. For more delicious ideas, check out our vegan candy page!

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