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Barcelona is famous for being home to a whopping nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But did you know that the city houses numerous delicious vegan-friendly eateries, too? We’ve listed nine of our favorites, each one as delicious as the last. If you’re planning a trip to this vibrant city—whether you’re vegan or not—you may want to take notes:

VegetArt Cuina Vegana

Every single item on the menu at VegetArt is vegan. Choose from gnocchi, bagel sandwiches, pesto pasta, stews, burritos, and roasted sweet potatoes, just to name a few.

Enjoy Vegan

This eatery offers raw and gluten-free options. Choose from pancakes, lasagna, pasta, risotto, and sweet and savory pastries—all vegan and all yummy.

Cat Bar CAT

What’s Cat Bar? It’s a vegan beer and burger restaurant. Need we say more?

Teresa’s Stairway to Health

This vegan-friendly restaurant may consider itself a “Healthy Restaurant,” but that doesn’t mean that its food is any less delicious. Teresa’s menu includes salads, tacos, burgers, cakes, and delicious baked goods. Or if you’re looking for something on the lighter side, you can choose from smoothies, açaí bowls, cold-pressed juices, and “mylks.”

Cafè Camèlia

If you’re looking for a casual yet adorable café, look no further than Cafè Camèlia. Whether you’re in search of a sweet treat or a hearty meal—think quinoa burgers and ravioli filled with zucchini, tofu, and mint—this place will get the job done.


Vegan salads, sandwiches, pizzas, empanadillas, and montaditos—Santoni has it all. And if you’re just in the mood for coffee and a delicious baked good, they’ve got those, too.

El Café BlueProject

This 100 percent vegan and organic café offers mouthwatering dishes that are sure to satisfy. Start with delicious tapas before choosing a main dish—but with options such as vegan pizza, lasagna, and burgers, you might just want to try them all.


This vegan restaurant offers healthy, organic dishes made with local ingredients. Patrons can choose from delicious salads, soups, tacos, and even sushi!

Daniela Bakery

Top off a perfect day in Barcelona with some perfect vegan desserts. Cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts—Daniela has it all. These chocolate matcha bars look pretty tasty:


If you just need to pick up a few groceries, Vegacelona has you covered. The vegan shop offers delicious meat and cheese substitutes, noodles, pastries, chocolates, and more. You can even purchase items online. If you make it into the store, though, you can also pick up a delicious vegan waffle:

Animals have personalities. They play, learn, and think, and they don’t deserve to be served for dinner—in Barcelona or anywhere else.

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