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Vegans show their love every day through their actions against cruelty to animals. But Valentine’s Day calls for a special celebration of that love—whether it’s for a friend, a family member, or your lover. Here are some gift ideas that’ll make the people in your life swoon (or you can treat your animal-loving self!):

Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies (Vegan and Gluten-Free)

Ditch the dairy ingredients and gluten and amp up the love with these gluten-free and vegan sugar cookies. Your significant other will be impressed that you baked something (note: they are very easy to make) and will feel the love with every bite of these heart-shaped cookies.

Valentine’s Day Temporary Tattoos

Temp Tattoos

For the kid at heart, these temporary Valentine’s Day tattoos will leave a lasting impression. So many tattoo packages are available that it may be difficult to choose only one way to express your devotion.

Vegan/GF Heart Marshmallow

February is filled with frigid temperatures, so spending a date night snuggled up by the fireplace with vegan hot cocoa is a must. Dress up your drink with this heart-shaped vanilla marshmallow, which is partially dipped in organic dark chocolate.

Edible Massage Oil in French Vanilla

Warm up your hands and volunteer to give your lover a sensual massage—with cruelty-free oil, of course. You’ll have him or her melting in the palm of your hands—and smelling great!

French Vanilla Edible Massage Oil

Intense Anatomical Chocolate Hearts

If your love is truly real, check out this package from Lagusta’s Luscious, which includes eight solid anatomical chocolate hearts. These hearts are made of 66 percent dark chocolate and a mix of crushed cacao nibs, roasted coffee beans, black salt, and bits of dried cherries—and they’re even tinted red with beet juice. Or you can try PETA’s Valentine’s Day Vegan Chocolate Heart Box.

Vegan Chocolate Hearts

‘Vegans Have Heart’ Necklace

This cute, engraved pendant dangles the vegan message right over the heart. The gold-filled chain is easy on sensitive skin, and the pendant comes in your choice of cool gray or bright magenta.

PETA Vegans Have Heart Necklace

MyZoetrope Valentine’s Day Cards

Give your valentine an animal-themed card made by a fellow vegan. MyZoetrope offers handmade cards featuring hedgehogs, bunnies, birds, and other cute animals. Plus, you’ll know it was made with vegan love.

Valentine's Day Cards from Etsy

Vegan Panties With Black Heart Lace Ruffles

Ruffles and lace take these panties from cute to sexy. Give these to a lucky lady in your life and hope to get a peek of her modeling your recent purchase. If seeing the word “vegan” across the front of them isn’t a total turn-on, we don’t know what is.

Vegan Underwear

More Valentine’s Day Ideas

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