Published by PETA.

Did you know that it takes up to 16 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of meat? And that the meat industry produces more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, planes, and ships in the world combined? To put it simply: Meat’s not green.

Whipping up yummy vegan recipes instead of meat-based meals is one easy and delicious way that you can help fight climate change. Who knew that saving the Earth could be so much fun?

Here are my top five tips for making your diet a little more green. Try ’em out for “Meat’s Not Green” Week (April 20-26), for Earth Day, and year-round!

1. Go Faux. Grab plant-based faux meats instead of real flesh. Did you know that producing 10 ounces of pork yields the same amount of greenhouse-gas emissions as driving a car 3 miles does?

2. Eat Green, Literally. Load up on Earth-friendly veggies—fresh and local is always better—instead of animal products.

3. Grow Your Own. Have about a foot of extra space on a windowsill or patio? Use it to grow your own herbs. You’ll save money, eliminate Earth-polluting packaging, and prevent the greenhouse-gas emissions that would otherwise result from transport.

4. Make Your Own. Skip packaged basics, such as veggie stock, that you can make at home. This will prevent some cans and boxes from ending up in landfills.

5. Shop in Style. Bring your own bags to the store instead of using the plastic ones that are offered.

Happy “Meat’s Not Green” Week!


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