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V-Eats Modern Vegan recently opened in Dallas’ Trinity Groves “dining theme park” and immediately became a sensation. Why all the commotion? Vegan brisket—that’s why. Yes, you heard that correctly: vegan brisket.

Did you get an eyeful of the classic barbecue dish? It’s a masterpiece. No wonder local news outlets were all over it, and the dish quickly became the restaurant’s bestseller. Owner and chef Troy Gardner explains, “We are looking to reel some folks in and show them that plant based diets aren’t necessarily just tofu.” Mission accomplished!

V-Eats’ brisket sliders, sandwiches, and tacos may be the stars of the show, but check out some other gorgeous dishes being served:

Behold, this artichoke and veggie sausage pizza:

What about the portobello and spinach tofu scramble, with vegan sausage gravy and biscuits?

And don’t forget this shiitake pasta arrabiata on a cushion of pesto:

Who wants to take a trip to Texas or even become a resident right about now? Us, too.

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