Published by PETA.

The Sweet Earth company is pretty cool. It specializes in delicious plant-based burritos, breakfast sandwiches, meats, and new World Entree bowls. The company’s ethics and intention to help animals and the environment is almost as tantalizing as its food—just check out its “Eco Clock” webpage, which details how many animals it’s saved, how much water it’s conserved, and how many greenhouse gasses it’s avoided producing, among other statistics.

Recently, Target stores have started stocking Sweet Earth’s World Entrees. Featuring fresh ingredients and vegetables, five of the bowls are completely vegan: the Black Bean & Mango Cubano, the Curry Tiger, General Tso’s Tofu, the Moroccan Tagine, and the Kyoto Stir Fry.

We can’t wait to take a trip around the world with these vegan meals—can you?

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