Published by Beth Silvia.

On the heels of China’s plan to cut back on meat consumption, Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron have teamed up, not for another installment of the Terminator series but to combat climate change and highlight the ill effects of meat and dairy consumption on health.

The action star and former California governor had been hearing from his doctors to lay off meat consumption for his health—but did you know that he’s been dairy-free for at least 40 years?

Take it from Arnold: “If they tell you to eat more meat to be strong—don’t buy it.”

James, the filmmaker of Titanic and Avatar, is a longtime environmentalist, and he’s also vegan. He and his wife feel so strongly about the connection between meat and dairy consumption and climate change that they founded a vegan elementary school in Calabasas, California, to educate generations to come. As he astutely notes, “Meat and dairy are not good for your body, and they are not good for the environment.”

Follow Arnold’s advice—go vegan for the planet, your health, and animals.

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