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Remember Luiz Antonio? He’s the YouTube sensation who, at 3 years old, explained to his mom why he didn’t want to eat animals, saying, “I like them on their feet, happy. We must look out for them, not eat them.” If you missed the thought-provoking clip, you can watch it below.

Kids don’t need to be taught to respect animals—they care about them instinctually. Many kids have no idea that meat comes from the beautiful animals they read about and love. A University of Oxford study of children and young adults has shown that speciesism is learned and that prior to adolescence, most children believe animals should be treated as well as humans.

The videos below show even more reactions of children when they learn that adults harm animals “on purpose.” Their reactions aren’t surprising, but they sure are heartbreaking.

This young girl stands firm in her decision as she proudly declares: “I won’t eat animals!”

This girl cries as she keeps telling her mom, “You can’t!” in regard to killing animals.

It’s a simple concept: “[W]hen someone eats one fish, then the fish just dies. And then the fish is not alive.”

This Nepalese boy doesn’t want to sacrifice his goat, and it is a serious tearjerker.

“I really don’t want to eat the animals,” says this girl tearfully. It will break your heart.

And sometimes children’s relationships with animals can help adults make the connection. In this clip, a 5-year-old girl lets a cow into the house without her mom knowing. She cuddles with the cow, and her mom’s heart melts. Her mom then says, “We need to stop eating beef. I think she’s going to get me to stop eating beef.”

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