Published by Ashley Frohnert.

Not only is PETA the largest animal-advocacy organization in the world, it’s also been recognized as the most engaged-with advocacy organization on social media. We couldn’t be more thrilled that social media sites give us such direct contact with our supporters and supporters-to-be. Today, we’re celebrating hitting 1 million followers on Twitter with special coupons for all of you! Scroll down for discounts on everything from vegan cheese to frankfurters and Beyond Burgers.

Every day, celebrities and other people engage with and respond to our tweets about everything from how to go vegan to PETA rescue stories and new investigations.

Thanks to our supporters’ retweets, over 9 million people saw this video about circuses pop up in their Twitter news feed this month. As a result, thousands of people said that they’d never go to a circus with animal acts again.

Nearly 1.8 million people viewed our video about monkeys used for National Institutes of Health experiments, and thousands took action to ask Congress to stop funding cruelty.

Our “Bacon in Reverse” video made a huge splash on Twitter, with over 4 million impressions, more than 1.4 million views, and half a million engagements. If you’re horrified by this video, be sure to grab a coupon for Tofurky and pick up some vegan bacon.


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