Published by Beth Silvia.

Are you looking for the perfect vegan holiday recipe? PETA’s honorary director, Pamela Anderson, and her friend Delahna Flagg have created some delicious holiday dishes in an entertaining clip on their popular Web series The Sensual Vegan. Get ready to impress your friends with delicious vegan fare at your next holiday gathering!

Preparing the Yam Pie for dessert:
YamsPhoto by: Emma Dunlavey

The perfect side dish: Mushroom and Kale Crisp
MushroomKaleCrispPhoto by: Emma Dunlavey

The entrée: Savory Tofu Roast with vegetables
SavoryTofuRoastPhoto by: Emma Dunlavey

The grand finale … yum!
DinnerPhoto by: Emma Dunlavey

“The best part of the holiday season is the food, but it’s such a turn-off to gather around a stuffed animal carcass,” says Anderson. “My holiday table is filled with vegan dishes, which are always colorful, sensuous, and delicious—perfect for sharing with loved ones.”

For these recipes and more, see Pamela and Delahna in action at The Sensual Vegan.

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