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Cashews and almonds have been on the vegan beverage scene for a while, but thanks to NüMoo, the brainchild of cold-pressed juice brand JUISI, we can now welcome pistachios and pecans to the list.

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A few things make these new beverages special. First, NüMoo uses the entire nut to make them, so no part is wasted. Second, they’re lightly sweetened with dates or maple syrup, and third, the simple recipes include eight (or fewer) organic, non-GMO ingredients. These high-quality dairy-milk alternatives deserve to be poured on your overnight oats or favorite morning cereal.

Another new plant-based beverage on the block is made by Ripple Foods from yellow peas. It tastes nothing like peas, however, and contains eight times the protein of almond milk as well as half the sugar and a third of the saturated fat of cow’s milk, along with 50 percent more calcium. But that’s not all. It also packs more potassium and vitamin D.

We can’t wait to try all the flavors: Unsweetened Original, Vanilla, Unsweetened Vanilla, and Chocolate.

RISE Brewing Co. combines oat milk with nitro cold brew coffee to make its creamy and naturally sweet Mocha Latte and Oat Milk Latte flavors.

The dairy industry better watch out—these new plant-based products are proving that you don’t need to be cruel to cows to obtain all your necessary nutrients. Enjoy!

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