Published by Liam Cronin.

PETA recently released undercover video footage revealing what really happens to live, conscious animals inside Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster.

We should warn you that the following GIFs are graphic and may not be suitable for children.

First, lobsters have their claws ripped off.

Then their heads are ripped off their bodies …

… before their tails are torn off.

And let’s not forget this step.

The dismembered lobsters’ heads and abdomens are dumped into a bin …

… where their antennae and legs writhe even after they have been torn apart.

If that weren’t enough, a man jumps on the pile of animals.

Crabs are violently smashed onto metal spikes.

This is done to rip off their top shells.

Sometimes it takes a few tries.

Their internal organs are scrubbed off by spinning brushes.

Then they are slowly lowered into a vat of boiling water.

When all this is happening—and even after it happens—the animals are still alive, as Linda Bean’s workers will gladly point out:

Want the whole story? Watch the video:

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