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John Hancock Insurance’s new Vitality Program offers life insurance policyholders cash back on groceries as well as discounts off their premiums in return for eating more fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious foods.

Michael Doughty, president of the company, explains, “It’s designed to recognize that nutrition, and particularly nutrition combined with exercise, is really the best recipe for living a long and healthy life.”

The incentives work like a frequent-flier program. When you buy healthier foods, you accumulate points. You can move up the ranks from bronze to platinum status. Policyholders can earn discounts off their life insurance premiums of up to 15 percent annually.

Grocery discounts are offered in the form of cash back at 70 grocery chains across the U.S. Customers can get discounts or cash back of up to $600 a year.

We love that the innovators of this life insurance policy program believe in the powers of fruits and vegetables as strongly as we do!

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