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Get ready for Memorial Day weekend by dusting off your grill and planning a menu for your very own backyard barbecue! Not sure where to start? Here is a short overview of VegCooking’s guide to vegetarian grilling that will get you started:

Tips and Tricks: Should you use a spice rub or marinade? And can you even put faux meats on a grill? Check out the VegCooking guide to grilling for a quick overview on vegetarian grilling tips and tricks.

Product Suggestions: Which veggie burgers and tofu dogs are best when cooked over an open flame? Browse through our suggestions of favorite products to grill and find out.

Mouthwatering Recipes: Use your grill for BBQ basics like veggie ribs or introduce a little international flavor with dishes like tandori “chicken” kebabs.

And More!: Yep, there’s even more in our guide to grilling. Be sure to check it out for desserts, sides, and marinades too!

On holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, I’m partial to sticking with classic veggie burgers and slaw. What will you be making?


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