Published by Ashley Palmer.

The following article originally appeared on PETA Prime as part of an on-going series offering tips and tidbits on how to spend less, save more, invest better, and give wisely. 

Here’s a frugal vegan’s delight: Provide PETA with badly needed dollars without spending an extra dime!

It’s as simple as signing up for the new PETA Wireless phone service the next time that you’re eligible for a new wireless contract. And for every new PETA Wireless contract, PETA receives a contribution. So what’s the downside? There isn’t one! Let’s take a look at the details.

The deal is simple. For every new customer who signs a 2-year contract with Sprint under this special promotion, PETA gets $80.00 dollars to help animals. For every existing Sprint customer who renews his or her contract, PETA gets $30 dollars to fight cruelty to animals. Best of all, you still get whichever promotion Sprint is running at the time as well (such as a free or discounted phone). It is a win-win situation!

So who is eligible? Anyone with wireless phone service whose contract status is “up”—regardless of the current carrier. Contracts are considered “up” when you reach the 24th month of your current agreement. Sprint customers are eligible after the 23rd month.

How do you find out if you’re eligible? Either log in to your wireless account on your carrier’s website or dial 611 from your mobile device and ask the operator. However, beware that all carriers’ operators are trained to deter you from switching for any reason—even a great reason such as helping PETA. If they give you a hard time when you ask for your anniversary date, be persistent and insist!

If you’re not eligible now, please let PETA know, and PETA will remind you when you are eligible so that you can take advantage of this great opportunity to help animals and get a great new device from Sprint, the only nationwide carrier to currently offer 4G!

If you’re eligible now, please order online or call 1-888-256-7680 immediately.

Ordering online saves everybody money. The online ordering process will take you to the page of PETA’s partner New Stream. Once there, you should fill out all the required information, especially the eligibility requirement. Online orders are ultimately processed through a Sprint website, not a PETA website, so please remember that you will have to complete the order through Sprint in order for PETA to get credit.

While the 800 number may be convenient for some, please realize that all phone calls to this number cost PETA money.

If you’re already a Sprint customer, enrolling will be simple. If you’re coming from another carrier, you’ll have the same new customer benefits as individuals going directly through Sprint.

And remember: By ordering through PETA Wireless, you will not lose any current benefits, such as free phones or rebates, nor will you lose out on any benefits normally associated with signing up or renewing a wireless contract. There’s absolutely no loss to you, but there’s a big gain for PETA.

What a phonetastic way to help PETA help animals!

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