Published by PETA.

The Proggy Awards—PETA’s annual awards for animal-friendly achievement—were announced recently, and I must admit that I couldn’t agree more about the decision to name Gourmet the most progressive food magazine of the year.

You may remember that many months ago, I was singing praises about Gourmet for some of the same reasons it won the Proggy—a monthly vegetarian column and articles on animal welfare. No, I did not rig the Proggy Awards and name my favorite magazine as the winner. Gourmet won fair and square because it’s leading the way by regularly including vegetarian issues in mainstream food media.

Read about all the Proggy Award winners here, including Wolfgang Puck, Burger King, and Robin Robertson, to name just a few. And if Gourmet and Wolfgang aren’t your style, check out peta2’s Libby Awards, loaded with awards for best cookies, ice cream, junk food, and more.

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