Published by Melinda McKee.

For those who have gotten their hands on a carton of Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg, the evidence is clear: This stuff is pure magic. And if you need more proof, look no further than this list of crazy-delicious things that you can create with VeganEgg. You’ll wish you had these in front of you right now:

A breakfast sandwich dripping with gravy:

These hazelnut twists:

An open-faced breakfast sandwich:

This warming French toast:

Jalapeño poppers:

A Mexican-inspired breakfast of Soyrizo con huevos veganos:

A scrumptious fry-up with VeganEgg scramble:

A savory waffle topped with a cheesy cashew sauce:

A proper English breakfast:

Fried rice with baked tofu:

Blueberry Meringue Nests with Meyer Lemon Curd:

An herb-enhanced homemade biscuit breakfast sandwich:

These gorgeous vegan turkey-and-egg cups:

This vegan spinach ricotta quiche:

A vegan buttermilk pie!

More French toast anyone?

To hold your burger patties together:

This French pizza-like dish, pissaladière:

A breakfast burrito filled with VeganEgg scramble and tempeh bacon.

This sandwich, which looks almost too good to eat:

Crêpes filled with chocolate hazelnut spread and raspberries:

A simple omelet:

Ramen tacos (that’s right—the VeganEgg holds the ramen noodles together to form a perfect taco shell):

Or ramen buns for a burger:

And even ramen baskets:

Vegan egg drop soup:

VeganEggs Benedict:

ALL of these frittatas:

A breakfast bagel sandwich:

Avocado fries:

Spinach and kale spanakopita:

Now that you’re done salivating all over your screen, check out where VeganEgg is available and how else you can replace an egg for vegan recipes.

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