Published by Sirrus Lawson.

Think going vegan will keep you from eating your cheesiest favorites? Think again! With quesadillas, pizza, cheesecake, and more, the only thing that you’ll have to give up when you ditch dairy is the cruelty that goes with it.

From the simple to the extravagant—whether an ornately arranged block of artisan-made cashew cheese in a decadent restaurant or $5 nachos freshly pulled from the microwave—vegan cheese has the versatile power to be delicious in every dish you can think of. We compiled the following list of classics to get you started:

1. Classic Grilled Cheese

A delicious-looking American staple with an awesome step-by-step guide—the flip at 0:20 is pretty mesmerizing.

2. This Mind-Blowingly Delicious Mac and Cheese

Check out this cruelty-free classic with a creamy cashew cheese sauce.

3. Grilled Mac and Cheese Sandwich

1+2 = WHOA

4. This Classic Italian Lasagna

This smoked tofu-stuffed dish, complete with vegan béchamel and a Bolognese sauce, has the stuff to sway even the most stubborn foodie.

5. Authentic Deep-Dish Pizza

Whether it’s at Kitchen 17 in Chicago, at Masa of Echo Park in Los Angeles or homemade, your cravings shall be satisfied.

6. This Gooey Calzone

With just a few slight changes, it’s goodbye pocket pizza, hello fine cuisine.

7. These Trusty Quesadillas

One of the simplest vegan cheese recipes is also one of the most satisfying.

8. Better than a Big Mac

Double the melted vegan cheese, double the deliciousness


9. Macdilla? Sure. Please.

7+8 = O_O

10. Drive Thru–Worthy Jalapeño Poppers

PETA has you covered for this fast-food mainstay.

11. Loaded Potato Skins

You’ll be good on game day with these potato skins, decked out in Follow Your Heart cheddar, green onion, vegan bacon bits, and vegan sour cream.

12. Classic Spinach Artichoke Dip

With chopped artichokes, spinach, roasted garlic, vegan cream cheese, and vegan mozzarella, this is spinach you’ll look forward to eating.

13. This Ridiculous Manicotti

Try these vegan ricotta-stuffed noodles topped with marinara and cashew cheese sauce.

14. Yes, This Is a Cheese Plate

Restaurants like Vromage have plates with A MASSIVE variety of gourmet vegan cheeses.

15. This Easy-to-Make Spanakopita

Crispy fillo meets spinach and vegan feta, for a tasty vegan appetizer.

16. Fondue (Dairy, Don’t)

Feeling fancy on date night?

17. Go-To Nachos

Quick prep time and instant satisfaction make this dish a permanent go-to.

18. The Only Breakfast Sandwich You Will Ever Need

Combine vegan egg, seitan bacon, and cheddar to make the true breakfast of champions.

19. Smothered Enchiladas

Cover these with vegan cheddar and top them with cashew lime cream.

20. Decadent Cheesecake

And for dessert …

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