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Today’s post is a review of treats so sweet that my teeth are aching just from looking at the pictures. Both reviews have been provided by Ashley, whom I envy at this moment for being lucky enough to taste all the sugar-laden confections below. Enjoy.


Vegan Treats Bakery

On my first visit to Vegan Treats Bakery in Bethlehem, Pa., the woman working behind the counter was forced to display saint-like patience while interns Min Hee and Shawn and I spent a full half-hour gawking at the decadent bakery case before we could muster the composure to place our orders.

Not that we could have possibly gone wrong. When you are choosing between such mind-blowing vegan options as an sandwich cookie-crème filled donut, a strawberry shortcake coated with a chocolate shell, and a caramel-nut brownie, there is no such thing as a wrong decision. The best part is the cheesecake—the case with rows of elaborately decorated miniature cheesecakes packs more dazzle than the display case at Harry Winston. They come in tons of flavors—ranging from key lime to chocolate-mint to coconut—and are topped with anything from fruit to gold leaf to chunks of brownies.

And I would be letting my fellow vegans down if I didn’t mention that Vegan Treats is famous for its “bomb” cakes, the favorite being the chocolate-peanut butter bomb, a chocolate layer cake with a monster blob of creamy peanut butter frosting on top.


Sticky Fingers Bakery

Tell any vegan that you live in Washington, D.C., and the first words out of his or her mouth won’t have anything to do with the White House or the Lincoln Memorial—all he or she will want to know is how close you live to Sticky Fingers Bakery.

With painted chocolate dripping down its pink walls and the aroma of pastries in the air, Sticky Fingers Bakery is a shrine to sweet, carb-laden vegan comfort food. From Frisbee-sized sticky buns and rich layer cakes to Hostess Suzy Q-style “Devil Dogs” and s’mores cheesecake, the goodies at Sticky Fingers entirely live up to the bakery’s motto ‘The only thing crunchy about us is our cookies.”

In addition to desserts, Sticky Fingers offers pre-made sandwiches like the awesome tempeh BLT as well as entrées like mac and “cheese” and seitan barbecue with mashed potatoes. Sticky Fingers has veggie dogs that can be loaded up with chili and soy-cheese sauce, and the vegan “sausage, egg, and cheese” breakfast sandwiches are so popular that your chances of snagging one if you decide to sleep in on a Saturday are laughably slim.

Get started making your own vegan treats at home, with a little help from our dessert recipes.


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