Published by PETA Staff.

This post originally appeared on The PETA Files.

 The maker of the popular iced tea beverage Nestea is torturing mice and rats in experiments in an attempt to examine the health effects of tea, even though these deadly experiments are not required by law and humane in vitro and human clinical studies can be used to justify health claims for tea products.

Nestlé (the maker of Nestea) and the experimenters it hires to do its dirty work have used mice who are made to suffer from brain dysfunction and rapid aging, force-fed them green tea extracts, and locked them in a dark chamber where they receive painful shocks before they are killed. In one pointless and cruel test, mice made to suffer from muscle degeneration were fed green tea extracts, after which experimenters cut open the animals’ leg muscles and killed the mice “by decapitation.”

Just four months ago, the maker of Lipton tea agreed to stop testing on animals after meeting with PETA and hearing from more than 40,000 of our supporters. Let’s go two for two. Please contact Nestea today and urge it to spare animals from torturous tea tests.

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