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Vegan Xmas

It’s easy to be vegan these days, and we’re thrilled about it! Here are nine ways to make your holidays vegan without even trying.

1. Soy Milk for Santa

Leave out a glass of a plant-based milk, such as soy or almond, for Santa Claus! As for the cookie part, some sandwich cookie brands are vegan, or you can bake some vegan Christmas cookies. There’s even the option to combine cookie types!


2. Be an Angel for a Cold Dog

Have your family members help a cold dog this holiday season instead of giving you a gift. If you prefer gifts, add some items from the PETA Catalog to your wish list!

3. Stock Up on Sweets

Candy canes, vegan gingerbread, and Red Vines, oh my! So many snacks that add flair to your holidays are accidentally vegan (enough to decorate the biggest vegan gingerbread house ever!).

4. Wool-Free Stockings

Chances are your stocking is already vegan. Easiest Christmas hack ever. In case it isn’t, here’s a fun guide to making your own.

5. Swap a Classic for a Classic

Read the classic poem “A Visit From St. Nicholas,” replacing the reindeer with vintage cars! Because we know it’s the right thing to do.

6. Mmm … More Vegan Cookies

It’s simple to make vegan gingerbread houses with this delicious recipe!


7. Safety First

Make sure your holiday decorations are safe for your animal family members by keeping tinsel, ribbons, and ornament hooks away from prying paws and knowing which decorative plants are safe for animals. (Hint: holly, mistletoe, and lilies are NOT OK.) Read more here.

8. Fudge It Up

Your Christmas fudge won’t miss a beat when you take out the dairy products! Taste the compassion with this recipe from Vegan Baking.

Vegan Fudge© Vegan Baking

9. Easy as Vegan Pie

Bake a vegan mince pie. (And please don’t say mincemeat, because it makes me cringe.) Here’s a scrumptious recipe, care of Vegan Easy.

© Vegan Easy

© Vegan Easy

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