Published by Melinda McKee.

When you’re deciding what to give up for Lent, make sure that you don’t abstain from these seven deadly sins:


Go ahead—keep your mind in the gutter. And while you’re at it, check out some of PETA’s videos to put you in the mood.


Who said that being vegan means eating less? Indulge yourself with delicious vegan recipes, especially those from the new Betty Goes Vegan cookbook.


Be proud of yourself this year by pledging to go completely cruelty-free and deciding to keep your “beauty without bunnies.”


Be a scrooge. For the next 40 days, be sure to pinch your pennies. But not without reason! You can donate all the money you’ll save to your favorite animal protection organization when Lent is over.


We’ve all been guilty of being a green-eyed monster. This year, be the subject of envy by spoiling yourself with delectable vegan dishes and wearing the most fashionable fur-free attire. You don’t have to sacrifice your looks to be cruelty-free.


You should be angry at all the abuse that animals endure today. Spread the word, get mad at ignorance, and never be silent.


You care about animals, you’ve gone vegan, and you’ve pledged to be cruelty-free. You deserve a break! So sit back, relax, and perhaps take in a movie or three. Plus, you can use this time to learn about an ultra-cute animal whose name is synonymous with being lazy.

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