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It’s almost summertime, which means bikinis, shorts, tank tops, and lots of fun in the sun. If the onset of summer sends you into panic mode, keep calm and follow our tips for getting in shape!

1. Go Vegan

If you want to drop some extra pounds as well as guilt, skip the meat, eggs, and dairy products. If you’re already vegan, step up your healthy eating game—perhaps pick up a new cookbook, and try out some healthy new recipes!

2. Join the PETA Pack

If you have a hard time sticking to an exercise regimen, try something like the PETA Pack, which will motivate you to keep going! How does it work? You sign up, pick a race (walking, biking, swimming—whatever you prefer), and set up a fundraising page that benefits PETA. You’ll get in shape, make some friends, and raise money to help animals!

3. Keep Moving: These Legs Were Made for Walkin’

Whenever possible, walk or bike to your summertime outings. Without the threat of snow, there’s no need to be cooped up in your car.

4. Get Involved

Keep busy this summer by volunteering! Join PETA’s Action Team, volunteer at your local animal shelter, or find another way to benefit your community and your health! If you keep busy, you’ve got less time for snacking and lying on the couch.

 5. Plan Healthy Social Outings

When the sun is shining, grab you friends and go for a hike, walk, run, or bike ride. You can chat as you work your muscles! Save the movies and other indoor activities for winter, and keep your social outings in the sun and on the go this summer.

6. Treat Yourself … to Cute Workout Gear

Instead of treating yourself to desserts, treat yourself to some cute workout gear! When you have adorable new exercise outfits, you’ll actually want an excuse to wear them.

Workout Active Wear from Forever 21

These are just a few simple tips that we hope will inspire you to get movin’ this summer and be as healthy as you can be. Also, keep in mind that while it’s important to exercise and eat right, if you live a compassionate lifestyle free of animal products and cruelty, your inner beauty will shine through and add to your summer glow.

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