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Not all places welcome companion animals. Please be sure to check out the rules before deciding to take your companion animal along. provides a listing of emergency vets; animal friendly lodgings; animal friendly beaches, campgrounds and other fun places to hang out with your companion animal. (your free online directory to pet-friendly hotels worldwide), (which offers a free pet-check service, hotel reviews, discounts, a low-rate guarantee, and no booking fees), and (your free online directory to hotels within the U.S.) are excellent resources for animal-friendly hotels. also gives listings of companion animal sitters or other services and links to web sites that give such information. While some of this information could be useful to you, since PETA has not had any contact with any of the listed people or companies, we must ask that you take adequate steps to ensure that they are trustworthy. Please read Finding a Reputable Sitter for Your Companion Animal Friend and the tips regarding transporting animals by air and car in this section before visiting other sites.

Some web resources you may come across regarding traveling with companion animals link to information regarding animal breeders. Millions of unwanted animals are euthanized every year in the US alone because there are not enough good homes for the number of dogs and cats being born. Please DO NOT support breeders. Rescue an animal from an animal shelter instead.

Helpful Books:

250 Things You Can Do to Make Your Cat Adore You by Ingrid Newkirk, Co-founder and President of PETA. ISBN 0-684-83648-3. This book gives helpful tips on keeping your cat happy, including during travels and is available from PETA.

Pets-R-Permitted is a travel directory of establishments that allow animals and includes information on National Parks and their companion animal policies. Annenberg Communications, P.O. Box 3930, Torrance, CA 90510-3930. Telephone number: 310-374-6246.

Take Your Pet USA provides a listing of hotels and motels that accommodate animals: Artco Publishing, 12 Channel Street., Boston, MA 02210; 1-800-255-8038.

Traveling With Your Pet: the AAA Petbook is $12.00, lists lodgings that welcome companion animals and can be obtained from your local AAA office.

Doin’ Arizona With Your Pooch, by Eileen Barish, Pet-Friendly Publications, Scottsdale, Ariz., 1996

Doin’ California With Your Pooch, by Eileen Barish, Pet-Friendly Publications, Scottsdale, Ariz., 1996

On the Road Again With Man’s Best Friend, by Dawn Habgood and Robert Habgood, Dawbert Press, Inc., Duxbury, Mass., 2000

Take Your Pet Too!, by Heather MacLean Walters, PhD., M C E, Chester, N.J., 1996

Vacationing With Your Pet, by Eileen Barish, Pet-Friendly Publications, Scottsdale, Ariz., 1997

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