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1. OMG, you are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Cute dog

2. We have such a connection. You like me more than anyone else, right?
3. You totally do.
4. I wonder how old you are.
5. Never mind—who cares? Age ain’t nothin’ but a number.

6. Oh! You just sneezed, and it was SO adorable.

7. Bless you, though!
8. This is a big responsibility. Am I really ready for this?
9. I am. I so am.
10. I should probably try to be strict and not let you sleep on my bed.
11. But who knows how tough your life was before you ended up in the shelter …
12. OK, GET UP HERE. Just for tonight, though!

13. And tomorrow if you’re good.

Dog on Bed
14. Well, maybe we’ll have to try it for a week.
15. All right, time to housetrain you.
16. Oh, wait, I think you’re already housetrained.
17. I’ve never been so proud to pick up poop!
18. You already know how to “sit,” too?
19. You are SO SMART.

20. I want to give you SO many treats!

Dog with treats
21. But I also really want you to be healthy.
22. I actually care more about how healthy your food is than how healthy my food is.
23. I guess that’s what it’s like to be a parent.

24. I’m really a “dog mom” now.

Genuine life goals 🐶👌🙆 #dogmom

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25. Somebody should send me a card for Mother’s Day.
26. Man, I’ve never been on so many walks.
27. I didn’t even know this part of my neighborhood existed.
28. You’re, like, opening up a whole new world for me!

29. Aw, you don’t like the rain?

30. That’s OK, I don’t really like it, either. But I’ll walk in it with you.
31. Nap time?
32. I love that you take so many naps.
33. Afterward, we should go to the dog park!

34. And to the beach!

Cute Dog on Beach
35. And on some play dates!
36. I can even take you to brunch at an outdoor cafe!
37. You can finish your nap first, though.
38. I want to take you everywhere with me.
39. We’re really a pack now—a pack of two.
40. I don’t know how anyone could ever have given you up, but I’m glad I found you.
41. This is the best decision I’ve ever made.
42. Aw, your tail is wagging!
43. My neighbors probably think I’m insane because I talk out loud to you so much.
44. But I feel like you understand what I’m saying.
45. Do you? Bark once for “yes.”
46. …
47. OK, that’s fine. We’ll come back to that another time.

48. I think you might be the best friend I’ve ever had.

Dog Kisses

49. You definitely are.

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