Published by Ashley Palmer.

The following article was written by Lauren Gordon, PETA’s celebrity marketing coordinator and a certified holistic health counselor.

Children looking to brush up on their reading skills are turning to the dogs. Recent research has shown that dogs can help children improve reading aloud by serving as nonjudgmental listeners. Practice is a crucial step toward getting better at reading aloud, and dogs are comforting companions who can take the pressure off young readers. A dog makes a great audience for a beginning reader since the canine won’t react negatively if the child makes a mistake or stumbles.

The children who participated in the reading-to-dogs programs also showed a more positive attitude toward reading when compared with children who hadn’t practiced with dogs. As the school year gets under way, this is a great way to help kids who may be a little rusty from summer vacation brush up on their reading skills.

Do you know anyone who has benefited from having a furry reading buddy? Let us know in the comments below!

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