Published by Zachary Toliver.

Instead of staying at home, some companion animals would love to frolic in nature with us on our camping adventures. That’s why Glamping Hub, a portal for nature-based luxury accommodations around the globe, launched a website that specializes in finding your next animal-friendly getaway.

“Glamping,” also known as “luxury camping” or “glamorous camping,” is a great way to find adventure in new surroundings without forfeiting everyday amenities. Glamping Hub for Pets recognizes that many campers end up either sacrificing comfort or leaving their animal friends behind at home.

“There is no specific information online about the merging of the pet and travel industries,” said Glamping Hub for Pets founder David Troya in a news release. He notes that the site makes traveling with companion animals “simple and enjoyable.”

The website features more than 750 listings from around the world, and that’s expected to double by the end of the year. Troya and his team anticipate including listings from over 80 countries. Rental destinations include tree houses, cabins, tipis, yurts, and more—and all accept animals traveling with their respective nature lovers. Each listing comes with a detailed description of what to expect at the site and what activities you can look forward to.

In addition to travel destinations, Glamping Hub for Pets features blog posts that will inspire your inner nomad, companion-animal travel tips, and guides for taking animals abroad. The site is currently a silver-level member of PETA Business Friends.

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