Published by PETA.

Aside from rolling around on catnip sprinkled on the floor and hiding in cardboard boxes, neither of my two cats likes toys all that much. But they have taken a liking to one of my all-time favorite DIY cat toys.

These toys take about five minutes to make and are very inexpensive, so my feelings are never hurt when they get shredded to bits.  


• Baby socks (newborn socks work best)

• Polyester stuffing

• Dried catnip

• Small jingle bells (available at most craft or fabric stores)

• A needle and some upholstery thread or adhesive Velcro



• Stuff half the baby sock with polyester stuffing and catnip.

• Place a bell in the sock.

• Stuff the other half of the sock with polyester stuffing and catnip.

• Sew the sock shut using upholstery thread, and make sure that when you tie off the thread, you a have a nice sturdy knot that won’t come undone.

• Give to your cats and watch them roll around like crazy and play with their new present.

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