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If you are a certified cat fanatic like me, you will surely know that there is almost nothing more satisfying to your feline companion than some quality catnip.

Here is a quick and easy way to make some catnip balls that won’t break your budget. You can give them to your cats or friends who have cat companions, or you can even sell them to raise funds to help cats around the world!











You will need the following items:

• A ruler

• A pencil

• Pinking shears (for decorative purposes and to stop the material from fraying)

• 100 percent cotton fabric (the remnants table at your local fabric store is a good source)

• Colorful yarn (either matching or contrasting, as desired)

• A measuring cup

• Strong, good-quality organic dried catnip (I get mine from Frontier Natural Products Co-op)


• Cut your fabric into 7-inch-by-7-inch squares.

• Cut your yarn into 12-inch lengths.

• Place 1/4 cup of dried catnip in the center of each fabric square.

• Draw up the material around the catnip to form a pouch.

• Tie the pouch securely (tightly) with three strings of yarn (wrap the strings around the top twice and tie two tight knots).

• Pull out the four corners and side of the fabric to create a”blossom.”

• You can also use themed or seasonal fabric to make special gifts for holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, or Thanksgiving. (But the kitties don’t really care!)

Voilà! Let’s have a ball! Let me know how it goes!

This blog was written by PETA supporter Claudine Erlandson. Claudine is unstoppable when it comes to fighting for all animals – from animals suffering in experimentation at the University of Washington, to circuses, to Canada geese in Seattle’s parks.

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