Published by Beth Silvia.

For most of us, dogs, cats, and other companion animals are much-loved members of our families, and the pain of losing them is felt deeply. Now made available by a growing industry, pet-cremation jewelry designed to celebrate the memory of your lost companion animals can encase the ashes of your beloved friend or adorn you with a gemstone that incorporates those ashes. Online retailers, such as Etsy, offer an almost infinite variety of products like these, suiting all budgets, and so holding cherished loved ones close is easier than ever.


A tasteful symbol that lies front and center, placing your dearly missed animal companion close to your heart:


A more discreet acknowledgement of your treasured companion:


To remind you that your animal’s love still surrounds you:


Just like your departed, they hold the key to your heart (or home or car!):

Looking for another way to honor your beloved lost animal? Create free online memorials for companion animals on True Friends Memorials, where you can post memories of your departed friend to share with family and loved ones.

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