Published by Ashley Palmer.

Are you a crazy cat lady? Take this quiz to find out …

1. You use a lint roller on your furniture on a weekly basis.

2. You know that no outfit is complete without at least one layer of fur—the kind no animals were harmed for, of course!

3. You’ve made scooping poop a ritual that happens multiple times a day.

4. You rely on the sound of purring, rather than a sound machine, to get a good night’s sleep.

5. You gladly suffer neck cricks and back aches instead of moving a sleeping cat. Who needs a whole pillow to themselves anyway?

6. You would cut off your own fingers before you would declaw your catIt’s pretty much the same thing.

7. Your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds are all filled with photos of your cat(s). And you don’t care if the cat-haters unfriend you!

8. You believe that cat towers are pieces of art.

9. You actively root against University of Wisconsin–Madison football. RIP Double Trouble. </3

10. You don’t need a week dedicated to celebrating cats because every week is Cat Week! >^..^<

Congratulations! If any of these statements describe you, then you are a crazy cat lady. Welcome to the club.

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