Published by Brandon Eberhart.

Cats: They are a divisive animal. Unlike dogs or dolphins, whom pretty much everyone loves, cats are often a point of contention for people. They’re lazy. They’re selfish. They want only to be fed. They secretly stare at you all night while you sleep.

But all species have their unique personality traits, and we respect them all! So here’s to cats and the many ways in which they make our lives better!

1. They’re Good at Breaking the Ice

Bringing a new guy or gal home for the first time? There’s no better tension breaker than a big fluff ball rolling around on the floor, wanting his tummy scratched. But beware: If your potential significant other doesn’t show your cat attention and affection, show him or her the door!

2. They Can Tell the Future

Storm coming? You might not know it, but your cat will be hiding under the bed with a candle and a copy of The Neverending Story an hour beforehand. And those new guests? If your cat doesn’t like them, watch out. Something’s up. And unfortunately, only your cat will know what it is.

3. They Help You Sleep Better

It’s a fact—you are 68 percent more likely to fall asleep with a warm cat next to you. Awww!

4. But Then They Wake You Up!

They pretty much double as alarm clocks. I know I would have been late for work more than once if my cat hadn’t woke me up, with his face an inch from my nose.

5. They Keep Your Ego in Check

Sure, your cat loves you, but he or she also helps you to be humble. Sometimes, no matter how awesome you feel that day, your cat just doesn’t care.

So What Are You Waiting For?

I found my cat abandoned as a kitten on the side of the road. At first, I didn’t plan on keeping him, but, boy, am I glad that I did.

There are plenty of caring animal shelters where you can find a loving cat who just wants a warm home and possibly a laser pointer.

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