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Loving your animal companion is easy. Cuddle time and afternoon naps are a given! But caring for them? That’s a different story. Lovable as they are, animals have needs, just like us, and they require a time commitment! The next time you find yourself removing furballs from the couch, accidently stepping on dog food strewn across the kitchen floor, or trying to make your animals comfy, consider these quick and easy tips for caring for your companion.

Doggie Bowl Messes

Slurping water and crunching down dinner is a sloppy affair for pups. To keep things clean, slip a place mat under your furry friends’ food and water bowls. When they make messes, all you have to do is lift the bowl and carry the mess to the trash on the place mat.

Hair on Your Clothes

A lint roller can remove just about any soft, fuzzy thing clinging to your shirt, pants, or coat. But if you don’t have one handy, roll a piece of masking tape into a loop, sticky side out. Slip your hand into the loop, and pat yourself down. Presto, the fur is gone!

Hot Kitties

When it’s super-hot outside, cool your cats down by rubbing them gently with a damp washcloth. A word to the wise: Don’t drip water on them! They are not fans of that.

Stale Food

Animals don’t like stale food any more than you do, and they can tell when you’ve reached the bottom of the bag or can. To keep food fresh, store it in an airtight container like Tupperware. It’ll taste better to them and last longer, too.

Fur on the Couch

You can tell an animal guardian by the hair on his or her couch. Animals love to leave behind little forget-me-nots in the form of fur. To remove the hair quickly, use a shower squeegee. Hair will cling to the rubber panel along its edge, and then you can swipe it into the garbage.


Try these simple tricks and animal care will become second nature in no time. Plus, with any luck, you’ll get extra cuddles from your animals. Have any other tips to share with fellow animal lovers? Let us know in the comments section!

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