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Our animal companions are part of our family, and we want to keep them happy, healthy, and active. Here are 13 toys, gadgets, and gimmicks that can help you accomplish this mission, and there’s something to fit every budget!


1. Catnip Cyclone Cat Toy

I thought this toy was great until I discovered its secret weapon—and decided it was really great. When the ball is batted around, the catnip in the center gives off its tantalizing aroma.

2. Kitty Donut Catnip Toy (Made With Organic Catnip)

These are a serious must-have for cat and human entertainment alike.

3. Laser Pointer

We still love the classic laser pointer. As they say, “If it ain’t broke ….”

4. Cat Grass

It may help your cat’s digestion—and it looks pretty, too!

Cat Grass

5. DIY Toilet Paper Roll Rings

This toy is free and it takes only about a minute to make. Simply cut the toilet paper roll into multiple rings, and your cat will get to batting them around in no time.

B with toy

6. The Refined Feline Cat Shelves

By installing this shelf on the wall, you’ll be enabling your cat(s) to lounge in high places, which boosts their confidence and makes them feel safe. The shelves’ padding can be easily replaced.

7. SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

I see this as the perfect complement to the above shelves, because a cat tree serves a dual purpose: as a scratcher and a perch. If you invest in the shelves and a good scratching post, that would look a lot better than a huge cat tree.Cat Scratching Post

8. Fresh Breath Mint Stick

Cats aren’t notorious for their bad breath, but if they have even a hint of it, this minty toy will freshen it up. It helps keep their teeth clean, too.Fresh Breath Cat

9. Cat’s Meow Undercover Mouse Exercise Toy

I always love moving my hand around under the covers and watching my cat chase it. This toy uses the same concept, and my friend tells me her cat absolutely loves it!Cats Meow Toy

10. PetSafe Self-Cleaning Litter Box

A self-cleaning litterbox? Now, that’s what I’ve been waiting for! Hooray!

11. YouTube

I love easy answers to big questions, such as “How do I entertain my cat when I’m away from home?” Well, if you search for “cat entertainment” on YouTube, you’ll find lots of videos of birds and other creatures to help you solve this puzzler.

12. Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain

If you don’t already have a water fountain for your cat, you need to drop what you’re doing and get one! Running water makes drinking more appealing to kitties, and we know how important water is to their general health and to their kidneys in particular.Cat Fountain

13. Cat Amazing Treat Maze & Puzzle Game

Food puzzles stimulate cats mentally and physically while feeding them at the same time. Look at how these cats dig it!Cat puzzle

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