‘Instant Karma’: Hero Cow Flattens Dog Abuser to the Ground in Viral Video

Like humans, animals are people. They have unique needs and wants, many have complex social systems, and they communicate in languages that we Homo sapiens are only beginning to understand.

Caring, curious, courageous, clever, and charismatic, animals blow our minds every day. But when we start to see ourselves in their behavior, a lot of questions start popping up about the way we treat them. Check out these animals who are “acting like people” and ask yourself whether it may be, in fact, just the opposite—that humans are acting like …

This courageous cow who gave a man abusing a dog in the streets in India a taste of his own medicine …

“Hey, pick on someone your own size—or why not someone much, much bigger?!”

This penguin dad who nipped that sh*t in the bud …

Dad sick and tired of a bully picking on his kid.

“I don’t care who started it, Timmy. I’m ending it.”

This badass raccoon mom who went all Cliffhanger to save her kid …

“Give me your hand!”

This moose family who set up a sprinkler on the lawn because the city pool was too crowded …

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They were careful to wait 30 minutes after eating before engaging in any water fun. #safetyfirst

This crow who is better at using chop sticks than I am …

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Now he’s just rubbing it in.

These baby swans learning to conquer their fears …


No one gets left behind.

This pug who lets it all go on the dance floor when her favorite jam comes on …

In her defense, George Michael has that effect on me, too.

These elephants who know that teamwork makes the dream work …

Girl power.

This cat trying to stay awake during a meeting …


“Wait—what? I’m listening, I’m listening. Totally awake.”

This rat mom who fought off a snake to rescue her baby …

… just like those urban legends of adrenaline-pumped moms lifting cars up off their trapped kids.


Animals are “just like us” because (spoiler alert ahead) we are animals. So if you find it surprising that honeybees have dreams or that rats will save their friends before helping themselves, maybe think twice about buying honey or setting a glue trap.

Whether it’s out of concern for animals, your own health, or the environment, going vegan is a great way to start living a healthier and more conscientious life. Need to know where to begin? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered:

Written by Danny Prater

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